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This is where I write about our two daughters, Zaley and Anna, and our seasonal life in two places, Colorado and Alaska. This where I keep track of our annual departing and returning, the hearing and Deaf worlds we now inhabit, and motherhood.

My work has appeared or is forthcoming in The New York Times, The Iowa Review, Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction, Brain, Child Magazine, The South Loop Review, The Denver Post, Shadowbox Magazine, DiningOut Magazine, and elsewhere. When I have time, I teach at my favorite place, Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver.


2 thoughts on “Publications & About

  1. Hey, Megan! Nice web site. Hope you add our department to your listing of favorite network places!
    Had no idea you even had a blog. Nice to see.
    Your fan, K.Tarr

  2. Megan, I just stumbled across your New Orleans piece, “Swim, Memory,” in Fourth Genre and was very impressed. You write beautifully and there is an aching simplicity to the details and experiences you share there with such compelling honesty. I’m glad to now know about your blog. Thanks for the wonderful writing.

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